✅ High fibre content;

Bulgur and Red Quinoa from organic farming steam-cooked according to an innovative system combined with a light lacquering of oil that gives a shiny appearance. The product is totally without liquid for a 100% yield. An on trend and nutritionally rich mix, it is packaged in a practical flexible packaging; of perfect crunchiness it is a ready to use base and you just need to unwrap it to compose the most varied dishes. Ideal for ethnic proposals to be enriched with chicken or shellfish, for cold salads with legumes, cheese and fresh vegetables. Great for making mini burgers, meatballs and stuffing vegetables. Also excellent when cooked "risotto-style" with various seasonings.

PROD.-NR. 4321
Package Bag
Net weight 740 g
Packaging 12 pouches
Shelf Life 18 months