✅ Processed from fresh
WITH: ✅ 100% Italian King Oyster Mushrooms
WITHOUT: ✅ Added glutamate ✅ Gluten

The King oyster mushrooms (pleurotus eringii) of the Murgia are a prized variety from the area of the same name where it expresses its best characteristics. These mushrooms are processed fresh to offer a high quality product. The product is ready to use. The cut into slices, together with the recipe made according to the classic sautéeing with oil, garlic and parsley, bring out the best flavour of these fine mushrooms, ideal for exclusive dishes: first courses, gourmet pizzas and side dishes for meat and fish.

PROD.-NR. 4313
Package 1/1
Net weight 780 g
Packaging 6 tins
Shelf Life 36 months