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Hazelnut and Savoy cabbage stuffed chicken breast in raisin wine sauce


Ingredients: 4 portions

  • Chicken breast 1
  • Savoy cabbage 4
  • Ricotta 50
  • Egg white 1
  • Passito wine 200
  • Extra virgin olive oil 30
  • Salt and pepper q.b.
  • Butter 40


Clean and pound the chicken breast.
Separately, combine the ricotta cheese with the Mashed Potato Mix, add the egg white, the Hazelnut Sauce and stir until the mixture is uniform.
In the meantime, remove the central rib from the cabbage leaves and blanch them in water. Spread the chicken breast and arrange it on the cabbage leaf. Add the filling, wrap and tie with string.
Flour and brown in a pan over medium heat with a little oil. Add a little raisin wine, let evaporate and complete the cooking. If necessary, add a little stock. Let it rest, slice it and plate with its sauce.