The recipes


Nettle Soup


Ingredients: 4 portions

  • Nettles 600
  • Fresh tomatoes 200
  • Bacon 50
  • Water for 10g of Vegetable Superstock 500
  • Onion 80
Nutritional values
(per Portion):

ENERGY: 126 kcal
FAT: 10 g
CARBOHYDRATES: 4 g of which FIBRE 7 g
Nettles are an excellent source of fibre and vitamins that should be cooked briefly to maintain these ingredients, until the vegetables feel soft but are still crunchy.
We have combined them with tomato in this dish, which gives us lycopene, an ally of youthful skin, and Prontofresco Vegetable Superstock, which adds a pinch of turmeric and black pepper, a winning mix that helps us maintain our weight. But without adding fat and calories.


Wash and chop the nettle stems.
Fry the bacon with the sliced onion; as soon as they are browned, add the tomatoes cut into fillets and after about 10 minutes put the nettle stems in the container.
Stir and cook in a covered container, adding a little Vegetable Superstock from time to time made from 500ml of water and 10g of the mix.
Serve the soup as soon as it is ready with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.