The recipes


The "Mesciua"


Ingredients: 4 portions

  • Water for 18g of Delicate stock 1
  • Dried chickpeas 150
  • Spelt 150
  • Cannellini Beans 150
  • Pepper q.b.
  • Lemon juice q.b.
Nutritional values
(per Portion):

ENERGY: 408 kcal
FAT: 9 g
CARBOHYDRATES: 60 g of which FIBRE 14 g
Legumes are a food rich in substances that are good for us: they are rich in fibre and B vitamins, important for the proper functioning of our metabolism as they help us maintain our weight! These vitamins are water-soluble and can be lost when the legumes are soaked.
That's why we add lemon juice to the water. Scientific studies have shown that it increases the retention of these important vitamins.
The dish provides high biological value proteins, similar to those of meat, because legumes combined with grains put all the amino acids essential for tissues development on our plate.


Separately soak 150g of dried chickpeas and 150g of dried haricot beans in cold water adding one teaspoon of lemon juice per litre of water. This procedure helps preserve the B vitamins contained in the legumes.
Drain the chickpeas and put them in a large saucepan, cover them with 1/2 litre of cold water and 10g of Delicate Stock. Cook them for at least 40 minutes after the water begins to boil, removing the foam that forms on the surface with a perforated ladle.
Make a stock with 1/2 litre of water and 10g of Delicate Stock. Put the previously drained beans and spelt into the boiling stock. Continue until everything is cooked and add the chickpeas. Season the Mesciua with pepper just before it is finished cooking. Serve hot with a sprinkling of black pepper and a drop of raw extra virgin olive oil.