The raw ingredients

We have been producers since 1923 and our extensive experience has allowed us to recognise and select AUTHENTIC RAW INGREDIENTS by origin, by season, by true quality. We prefer fresh raw ingredients that we process in our facilities, respecting the seasonal of the crops and using environmentally friendly methods.
We prefer Italian raw ingredients, in some cases PGI and PDO, or in any case the most suitable areas of origin.
Every year we process 60,000 tons of tomatoes, 1,500 tons of mushrooms, 3,000 tons of artichokes, 210 tons of fish and 130 tons of crustaceans.

Our product certifications

We have always been committed to creating high quality products in order to give our customers the opportunity to add distinctive value to their food offering, thanks to the use of raw materials and ingredients that are:
• 100% Italian;
• processed from fresh PDO and PGI;
• Good for everyone: making products with recipes suitable for consumers with intolerances or have special dietary needs;
• Nutritionally balanced.