The tomato between the Past and the Future

Again this year, the TOMATO PRODUCTION SEASON will begin in July.Greci began with the transformation of tomatoes. Our roots are therefore deep and age-old: we have been tomato growers since 1923!
Our production site is located in Parma, in the heart of what is known around the world as the Food Valley, an area with a long farming tradition and a strong agricultural identity "of good farming know-how": this land is in the heart of the Po Valley.

We have an Agricultural Soul

The raw ingredient purchases are managed by our agronomist who, every February, draws up plans with the farmers for the upcoming harvest: the soils are identified and the fleshiest and richest tasting varieties are chosen.
The areas along the Po river, between the provinces of Parma, Modena, Reggio Emilia and Ferrara, are characterised by a clayey soil and a humid climate which, combined with cultivation techniques, emphasise the qualities of the raw ingredients.

We respect Nature

We respect the rhythms of nature and its seasons, which is why we only begin picking our tomatoes when they have reached the appropriate degree of ripeness.
For us "tomato season" is the period in the middle of summer where the tomatoes are harvested and processed: from the end of July to the beginning of September. It is very hot in the Po Valley during these months, but during the night the soil cools down, the dew falls and the air is filled in the aromas of cultivation.
When the tomatoes turn a beautiful bright red, the tomato season begins and everything starts over, with the same passion as always.

Fresh and Genuine

QUALITY IS ALWAYS OUR STRONG POINT, we process the tomatoes within 12 hours after they are harvested in the field.After a careful evaluation of the crop quality, and if the parameters are within Greci's strict quality standards, the tomatoes can then enter our production processes.
We combine the EXPERIENCE OF PEOPLE with the use of modern selection and production control technologies to ensure the quality of every Prontofresco product, preserving the genuine and authentic taste of the raw ingredients.

Tradition and Passion

We have A HISTORY OF PEOPLE along the entire production chain who accompany the tomatoes from the field to the table with passion and enthusiasm.
An experience that unites the younger workers with the veteran workers and for everyone the beginning of the "season" is a true ritual to share with families, to celebrate this annual gift of nature.
We are all protagonists, organised to receive and transform the harvest 24 hours a day, determined to achieve the same goal every year: high quality Prontofresco crushed tomatoes and sauces.

Only products with their documents in order

Strict checks are performed by external bodies every year on every stage of the supply chain, from field treatments to the finished product.
We only process ITALIAN TOMATOES with certified QUALITY CONTROL. The Quality Control Certification is recognised by the Region of Emilia-Romagna when the cultivation and production process is carried out in compliance with the Integrated Pest Management Regulations of the Region of Emilia-Romagna. Regulations which define the cultivation techniques and protect consumer health and the environment.
We also transform tomatoes from organic farming where synthetic chemicals have not been used, obtained using procedures that respect the cycles of nature. Our Chopped Tomatoes and Sauces are made in compliance with international quality and safety standards for food products: BRC Food Certificated and IFS Food.

A complete range

Our production experience has allowed us to select the best productions in Southern Italy which allows us to have a complete range of all the typical Italian specialities.
Crops grown in delimited areas and regulated by specifications, hand-picked produce and controlled processing at every stage, guarantee the high quality of these authentic specialities.

From the Farm to the Table

The Prontofresco range includes different types of tomatoes and different formats to cover all the different preparation and consumption needs.
Creamy and firm structures, or fine and fluid, whole and peeled tomatoes or cut into pieces, ground or puréed, all with natural flavours or already seasoned and ready to use: a wide variety for the restaurant and foodservice sector in Italy and throughout the world.

Our latest creation: Dolcemilio

Dolcemilio is a project created to enhance tomato production of our land even more.The Selezione Dolcemilio chopped peeled tomatoes are made from an elongated tomato cultivar that is particularly sweet, and grown in the most ideal location: a strip of land along the Po river that connects the provinces of Parma, Modena and Ferrara.
These areas are characterised by sandy, clayey soils rich in trace elements which give the tomato an intense flavour and the pulp a firm texture. The cultivation techniques used ensure the health of the tomato plant.

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