Greci is a company born and raised in Italy’s Food Valley, an area where food culture has gone from strength to strength over the years, starting out with a small fruit of the land: the tomato. It was, indeed, the tomato which started off our journey as producers. We have covered much ground since then, but what has never changed in that time is the care we take in selecting and processing in-season produce, primarily Italian, of guaranteed origin. Greci offers completely transparent quality, thanks to short supply chains and direct contracts with the growers. Our processing methods are thorough yet respectful, to ensure our products not only offer fantastic taste, but also the ideal appearance, colour and size. This is the quality that we provide to catering professionals each and every day, so that they can create dishes which are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the stomach.


Greci is rooted in history as well as the ground: we have been processing tomatoes from the rich Emilian soil since 1923. A business which is nearly a century old, made up of people and know-how, which has led us to become a partner and point of reference for numerous professionals in the catering sector by offering the best products and service. Farmers, agronomists, product managers, workers, who with their passion, experience and knowledge represent the continuum between the past and the future: indeed, we combine artisan expertise and know-how with cutting-edge production processes, the fruit of constant investment, to create the perfect combination between innovation and traditional Italian know-how.


The authenticity of our raw ingredients is transparent. We have always selected the areas best suited to their cultivation, primarily in Italy, also drawing on PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) production. For us, the growers are partners in the true sense of the word, with whom we establish close, long-lasting relationships. We share choices, know-how and goals with them, we contribute to the introduction of innovative agricultural technology, and are actively involved in the search for new varieties to constantly improve the quality of the raw ingredients.


For us, quality also means respect for people and for the environment in which we live: we are engaged in research projects with the University of Parma for sustainable reuse of natural resources and reducing waste, with a focus on recycling packaging and the sustainability of tin cans. We have made significant investments to decrease our consumption of the most precious resource there is – water – by over 20 million litres. We also try to do our bit for future generations by committing to reducing the environmental impact of activities involving the entire supply chain.