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Greci, food producers since 1923

  • 1923



    Ours is a story that has deep roots far back in time and was born in Parma, the heart of the food valley, where in 1923 geremia greci officially started his business, transforming the generous fruit of the Emilian lands into concentrate: the tomato. In 1953 a second factory was acquired in the northern countryside of Parma, in Ravadese.

  • 1966


    Jeremiah’s heirs, Elisha and Joseph Greci, decide to part ways. Giuseppe Greci acquired ownership of the Ravadese plant and was soon joined by his sons Gilberto and Giorgio in running the company-the future Greci Industria Alimentare.



  • 1966


    The evolution

    The time has come to differentiate the range. Giuseppe Greci and his family are among the first in Italy to start tomato pulp production. Polpachef, still the flagship of the Prontofresco family, was born.

  • 1973

    Prontofresco is born

    A winning intuition marks the company’s turning point and success: putting expertise and quality at the service of catering with traditional products and recipes. Thus was born the line of specialties intended for professional catering by Prontofresco. The first line has 8 references.



  • 1990 - 2004


    More than 300 products

    The company’s offerings evolve and grow over time to meet the needs of increasingly dynamic and fast-paced catering. A range of tailor-made products that now has more than 300 Prontofresco brand references. In 2004, the line of ready-to-serve, high-service, refrigerated specialties was added: kitchen freshies.

  • 2007


    The expansion of the range continues, including the construction of a new plant specializing in the production of refrigerated fish specialties, now also frozen: Cadelmar.
    Located in southern Spain, in Antequera (Málaga), Cadelmar is the result of Greci’s long experience in professional catering.



  • 2011


    Excellence of Italy

    Greci revolutionizes the stereotype of vegetable preserves and launches Eccellenze d’Italia. Products made from P.D.O. and P.G.I. raw materials and processed according to tradition.

  • 2014

    Holding Charisma

    Another significant date for the development of the company, which passed from the Greci family into the hands of Holding CARISMA, already a shareholder of the Fini group. This operation has created a hub of prestigious historical brands of Emilian and national gastronomy, whose flags are the quality and Italian character of production.



  • 2015-2019


    strengthening of supply chains

    Our quality has always been based on the search for authentic raw materials and transparency: thus we consolidate the “terre nostre” project for growing artichokes of selected varieties and kick off the “dolcemilio” superior quality Emilian tomato chain.

  • 2020-2021

    Over 700 products in the catalog

    Thanks to the acquisitions in recent years of small manufacturing companies, which share values and attention to quality with the company, Greci today boasts a wide and diverse range of catering solutions of the highest quality.
    Today Greci is a multi-specialized producer that also makes: baked goods, Greci bakery; local cured meats, exquisite; and 100% Italian bronze-drawn pasta, Antico Pastificio Zaffiri.



  • 2022



    Renewal of our brand identity to better represent our values and clearly and transparently present our portfolio to our customers through dedicated family brands that identify the usage functions of individual products.

  • 2022


    Greci today offers food service the most important platform of the highest quality solutions thanks to the use of excellent raw materials for the realization of products differentiated by supply chain: ambient, refrigerated and from 2022 also frost.



  • 2023



    An important milestone achieved thanks to the love and passion for our work and the trust of the many professionals in the catering world who continue to recognize us as their partner of choice.


    High-quality solution platform

    Greci is the most important platform of high-quality solutions for professional catering, fully managed in the capacity of producer, through direct and responsible control of supply chains.