"Tomato pulp prepared with ripe and selected tomatoes, applying an innovative process, has a very fine grain, creamy and velvety structure. It is ideal in particular for traditional thin-crust pizzas and for the preparation of sauces. High yield product." More Info


"Powder mix to make an excellent panna cotta. The product, formulated with selected ingredients, is made following a balanced recipe that gives it a particularly rich taste. The formula of the powder mix to be diluted with milk and cream, packed in pre-weighed sachets, offers great service (no need to weigh the preparation) and guarantees constant results. The product, in fact, allows you to serve an excellent dessert among the most requested, with an exquisite creamy taste and a fine, velvety and creamy structure." More Info


"Cream based on fresh Mantua pumpkin, obtained from selected varieties of pumpkin with a consistent and sweet paste. It is a cream with a dense, velvety structure and bright yellow colour, has a high yield and multiple possibilities of use. Ideal to flavour risottos and pasta, to prepare fillings (tortelli, ravioli, gnocchi...), to make soups, minestrone and purées and as an ingredient in desserts and baked goods." More Info


"Cream of pumpkin prepared with recipe suitable for vegans. Sweet, caramelised, creamy and velvety. Ready-to-use. Suitable for creating vegan dishes. To season pasta, rice, gnocchi, to prepare fillings (ravioli, tortelli), to make soups, purées and also as topping for pizzas and bruschetta." More Info