"Powder mix to make an excellent panna cotta. The product, formulated with selected ingredients, is made following a balanced recipe that gives it a particularly rich taste. The formula of the powder mix to be diluted with milk and cream, packed in pre-weighed sachets, offers great service (no need to weigh the preparation) and guarantees constant results. The product, in fact, allows you to serve an excellent dessert among the most requested, with an exquisite creamy taste and a fine, velvety and creamy structure." More Info


"Powder mix to make the classic custard for many confectionery applications: base for filling fresh fruit tarts and pies, filling for sweet crepes, "zuccotti" and semifreddos. The product, thanks to its formulation, in fact guarantees an ideal result to propose as it is or in combination with sauces and sweet creams. The recipe, with improved ingredients, is made with raw ingredients chosen for quality (without artificial colourants) to offer a cream of the characteristics of colour, structure and flavour, faithful to home preparation, based on fresh eggs and sugar." More Info


"Mix for potato-based gnocchi, made by mixing potato flake obtained from the best varieties and other traditional ingredients. It allows you to make tasty gnocchi with an ideal consistency very quickly." More Info


"Classic chocolate sauce, to garnish and decorate desserts. It is prepared with a high percentage (14%) chocolate powder following a rich recipe with premium quality ingredients. It is a full-bodied sauce with the right consistency for the most varied pastry applications. It is a ready-to-use sauce, packed in a soft plastic bottle with an "open and close" cap." More Info


"Exquisite sweet strawberry sauce. The high percentage of strawberry pulp (34%) and the ingredients used in the preparation, all selected for quality, give the product a rich taste and a very natural look typical of sifted strawberries. The fragrance and the ideal consistency, allow the desserts to be characterised by optimising the number of portions and ensuring high yield. It is a ready-to-use sauce, packaged in a soft plastic bottle, with "open and close" cap." More Info


"It is a sweet sauce prepared with assorted red fruits of the (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries). The high percentage of pulp (34%) and the special recipe using top quality ingredients give the product a very high quality and value. The sweet, rich taste, the typical purple colour and the presence of the fruit seeds, make the appearance of the sauce inviting and very natural. It's a ready-to-use sauce, packed in a soft plastic bottle with an "open and close" cap." More Info


"Sweet nougat cream, made with 35% nougat grains based on honey, sugar, hazelnuts, almonds and milk, following a rich recipe that uses ingredients selected for quality. It is a cream rich in flavour, with the ideal consistency for the most varied nougat-based applications. The product is packaged in a practical pot with a wide mouth, protected by heat-sealed film and resealable with aroma protection lid." More Info


"Sweet cream with gianduia, made with fine ingredients: Piedmont hazelnuts (PGI, in a high percentage (30%) excellent cocoa and milk. It is a valuable product with a rich taste and high yield. This cream, with its fine and delicious taste, is made according to a recipe and production technology that guarantee a speciality faithful to tradition, ideal for high quality pastry preparations. The product is packaged in a practical pot with wide mouth, protected by heat-sealed film and resealable with aroma protection lid" More Info


"Condiment based on molluscs, flying squid and crustaceans (squid, prawns, mussels and clams) in tomato sauce. It is a ready-to-use condiment, made with selected raw ingredients, tomato pulp, oil, white wine and herbs. The technology adopted foresees the differentiated cooking of all the ingredients for an ideal result. The product is a perfect condiment to quickly prepare the most classic sea-flavoured first courses." More Info


"Goose breast dried and wood smoked. Product made with goose breast, characterised by a lean part and a fatty part, which is first salted and added to with the various ingredients, then dried and finally smoked. The smoking process is carried out by burning beech wood chips at low temperature. Excellent thin sliced, as it is for toast and mixed cold cuts boards, or heated in a pan to obtain crispy slices to garnish fancy risottos and timbale." More Info