"Powder mix to make an excellent Creme Caramel. The product is formulated according to a recipe that always guarantees an impeccable dessert, smooth and soft in structure, with a full and very balanced taste. The dessert is worthy of artisanal preparation, typically made with fresh eggs, milk and caramelised sugar" More Info


"Sweet, classic, caramelised sugar sauce. The light brown colour and the distinct taste are typical of caramel; the fluid consistency of this sauce, very concentrated, allows an optimisation of yield. It is in fact a rich product, ideal for pastry preparations. It is a ready-to-use sauce, packed in a soft plastic bottle with an "open and close" cap." More Info


"Cream of pumpkin prepared with recipe suitable for vegans. Sweet, caramelised, creamy and velvety. Ready-to-use. Suitable for creating vegan dishes. To season pasta, rice, gnocchi, to prepare fillings (ravioli, tortelli), to make soups, purées and also as topping for pizzas and bruschetta." More Info