"Powder mix to make a delicious ice cream, light and suitable for everyone. Free of any element of animal origin but faithful to the exciting taste of the best artisan tradition, it has a neutral taste and can be personalised with pistachio paste, ginger or as the imagination suggests." More Info


"Cream of pumpkin prepared with recipe suitable for vegans. Sweet, caramelised, creamy and velvety. Ready-to-use. Suitable for creating vegan dishes. To season pasta, rice, gnocchi, to prepare fillings (ravioli, tortelli), to make soups, purées and also as topping for pizzas and bruschetta." More Info


"Prepared with pearl barley, rice and whole wheat spelt, enriched with lentils. Suitable for preparing soups and also excellent for enriching vegetable soups. Also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The recipe is balanced and complete, for a nutritional wholesome "Gusto & Benessere" soup just dilute with water in the indicated quantities." More Info